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This website is associated with the Neuroinformatics summer course at the Marine Biological Laboratories (Woods Hole, MA). The website contains materials pertaining to past as well as future sessions of the course, and a number of web resources, including course schedule, software, and a question and answer system for asking about course issues.

What is neuroinformatics?

Neuroinformatics is a multidisciplinary subject dealing with the analysis and management of data gathered from the nervous system. The disciplines relevant to neuroinformatics include neuroscience, statistics, signal processing, computer science, and the physical sciences.

This website concentrates on data analysis questions, which are complementary to data management questions. In particular, we are concerned with a variety of time series data gathered from neural systems, ranging from invasively measured electrophysiological data (spike trains, field potentials), EEG/MEG data, to image time series obtained using optical or magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). Some other time series data types considered include behavioural measurements.

Course Directors:
Partha Mitra
David Kleinfeld
Reach MBL Course Admissions by email: MBL course admissions

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